A Necklace of Raindrops

Illustration by Jan Pienkowski. Reproduced by kind permission of Joan Aiken's Estate

Stories performed with original live music, shadow puppetry and a 'Crankie' theatre featuring a scroll of beautifully hand-crafted paper scenery. Based on the captivating collection of modern fairytales by classic children's author, Joan Aiken.

A necklace of raindrops that keeps its owner dry in the heaviest rainstorm; a house that stands on one leg and a granny who sews magic into every stitch - these are just some of the objects and characters that delight and entrance in these spell-binding stories.

A Necklace of Raindrops was a wonderful addition to our festival Family Reading Day. The children sat enthralled by the beautiful stories and accompanying music, it was wonderful to watch. Mouths gaped as children were regaled with tales of stolen magic necklaces and weevils searching for a bed for the night. A lovely event. Thank you! - Jennie Brown, Children & Young People's Programme Coordinator, Manchester Literature Festival

The performance is available in several versions to suit a range of audience needs:

3 stories: recommended for 6+ (show length: 70mins)

2 stories: recommended for age 5+ (show length: 45 mins)

1 story: recommended for age 3+ (show length: 30 mins)

3 stories - original oral storytelling version. The stories in this version are told with live music and without visuals, offering the audience the opportunity to conjure all the images for themselves. This version can make an excellent springboard for oral literacy and storytelling projects.

Space requirements: Playing space minimum 3m wide x 3 m deep.

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More about A Necklace of Raindrops

Storyteller Bronia Evers and multi-instrumentalist Antonin Voyant of Orchestre du Mont-Plaisant have joined forces to conjure a world of magic, mayhem and moonlit adventures! Journey with us from the snow covered landscapes of the north to the fiery deserts of the east, encountering brave children, talking camels and one extremely lazy wizard.

Through dynamic physical storytelling, hand-crafted shadow puppets and moving scenery, playful audience interaction and an original live score featuring strings, wind and percussion, these timeless tales come alive again for a new generation of story listeners. One Moment In Time is delighted to have been granted permission from Joan Aiken's Estate to retell these much-loved classic tales. 

A Necklace of Raindrops features a miniature shadow theatre known as a 'Crankie', or 'moving diorama'. Hand drawn paper-cut images have been collaged on to a long scroll f paper which is fed through the box with the aid of two cranks on handles at either end.

The Crankie is a wonderful device for storytelling. It offers up a gentle stream of moving silhouettes to delight and engage audiences young and old, whilst still allowing plenty of room for the imagination to play its vital part in co-creating the story.

A short collage of excerpts from the show's title story, A Necklace of Raindrops:

A short collage of excerpts from A Bed for the Night, the second story in our show A Necklace of Raindrops:

A wonderful event. We were enchanted by your brilliant storytelling, as were all of the audience around us!"
Bela Brown, programmer for Hoo Kids Bookfest, Bedfordshire.

"Really excellent - this was a fun, magical and exciting experience for our pupils. We'd be keen to have you back in the future."
Year 5 teacher, St Stephens Primary School, Tonbridge, Kent

The performance was captivating. 60 children sat with rapt interest for a whole hour! We loved the rich use of language and rhythm, all the different instruments, and joining in with the song. This was a fantastic way to spark the children's imaginations and encourage them to draw on their own visual repertoire. The session was also creatively inspiring for me as a teacher. Bravo!"
Class Teacher, Gospel Oak Primary School, London.

The ideas tumble over one another, absurd, ebullient, ruthlessly logical . Her words are a joy to the ear."
The Times Literary Supplement on Joan Aiken's book, A Necklace of Raindrops

I put the music on and it blew me away!"
Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 6, on Orchestre du Mont-Plaisant.