Mary's Monsters - the true tale of Mary Anning.

A touring puppet theatre production for children age 5+

This production toured England in 2010-2011. Venues included The Little Angel Theatre in London, Horse and Bamboo Theatre, The Mercury Theatre, Manchester Literature Festival, Bromley Museum, Square Chapel Arts Centre and schools in London, Suffolk and Kent.

This show was researched and developed in Lyme Regis, Dorset during 2009, and produced and toured in 2010-11. One Moment In Time gratefully acknowledge the support of the Lyme Regis Museum and an Arts Council England grant for making this project possible.

About the show:

10 year old Mary Anning loves to hunt for fossils on the beach near her home in Lyme Regis. The cliffs are full of secrets.people say there are monsters buried inside! A true story told with puppets, shadows and enchanting live music.

Comments about the show:

'Mary's Monsters is captivating, beautiful and touching. An imaginatively produced show and very unique in its performance. The puppets were beautifully made and really came to life, you could believe in them and they entranced the audience. I liked the gentle but captivating pace, also the variety within the performance; music, shadow puppets - they were brilliant too - a good mixture which really worked well. Adults in our audiences enjoyed it as much as the children!' - Maggie Wood, Education coordinator, Bromley Council Museums service.

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More about Mary's Monsters:

Mary Anning lives with her family by the sea in Lyme Regis. She has keen eyes and loves to hunt for fossils on the beach. When geologist Professor Buckland discovers Mary's talent for finding fossils, he encourages her to learn all about them. Growing up, Mary becomes a pioneer of natural science - and a woman in a man's world. But the cliffs are full of danger - landslides may crush your bones and the tides can sweep you away. When a powerful storm rips along the cliffs destroying half the town, it uncovers the biggest, most exciting secret of all.