Feedback from programmers and audience members on our new show, Mary's Monsters:

Mary's Monsters is captivating, beautiful and touching. An imaginatively produced show and very unique in its performance. The puppets were beautifully made and really came to life, you could believe in them and they entranced the audience. I liked the gentle but captivating pace, also the variety within the performance; music, shadow puppets they were brilliant too a good mixture which really worked well. Adults in our audiences enjoyed it as much as the children!'
Maggie Wood, Education coordinator, Bromley Council Museums service.

Very well done this is a lovely show, emotionally engaging and with great puppets. It really engaged our audiences it's good to see you back at our venue'
Bob Frith, joint artistic director of Horse and Bamboo Theatre, Lancashire.

A lovely show, thanks for visiting us again!
Cathy Bolton, director, Manchester Science and Literature festival, in collaboration with Manchester Museum

fascinating story, beautifully told. Managed to be both educational and entertaining. Held the children's attention really well. Thank you.
Linda, parent and audience member

I liked it because it had a different ending to most stories. I just thought it was really good because it had more unusual stuff and more stuff in it than most shows.
George, age 6

It was brilliantly good.
Laura, age 10

Really good. The dog was funny!
Liam age 5

The highlight of our half term!
Pat, parent and audience member